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You can reach Betti at: bettirubblebambam@gmail.com
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Hello, I am Betti. Just so you know what you are getting into, some words that have been used to describe Me are wicked, gorgeous, terrifying, cartoon like, perverse, playful. I am more complex than you can comprehend and demand your respect, thus you will address me as Mistress Betti.

Let's delve further into my mesmerizing appearance: My full lips - often sporting impeccable lipstick – sit below my freckle dusted, round cheeks. The sweetness of My cheeks is contrasted by dark brown eyes, angular brows, and blunt, black, bangs. My black hair kisses My protruding collarbones and the tops of full, shapely breasts. As you will see upon our meeting I love My own body hair; a dark, thick forest peeks from my underarms and elsewhere. My slim waist, strong biceps, taut rounded ass and lean, muscular thighs and calves were shaped by years of ballet training. My size 7-1/2-8 feet look beautiful in heels, toes still yearning to point.

I love to adorn Myself with expensive fabrics, furs, and hides. Retro fashion only enhances My striking beauty, particularly vintage lingerie. In addition to looking absolutely stunning in undergarments of times past, I have an underwear fetish; I adore garter belts and expensive stockings, high-waisted lace panties, mesh or silk. Slips with intricate lace embellishments make My mouth water. Leather, is another favorite – the way it smells, the way it feels on My skin, and the way it sounds as I crack it against your bare ass. And while I love lush fabrics I also adore the smooth, tight feel of latex. Watch My eyes light up when you adorn Me with latex pieces!

Sounds pretty girly, doesn’t it? Well, I might surprise you! I love gender play, whether I am playing with My own or with yours. Playing with gender seems particularly important to Me as a person who lives in the world as a Woman under a patriarchal society. I enjoy playing with the inherent power dynamics imbedded within gender as well as relating to gender in a more playful manner. Turning you into My own satin clad doll, is just as fun as taking on masculine qualities Myself. I definitely enjoy being called Daddy... Clearly my pictures tell only part of the story. The minute you think you know all about me, watch out, you’re mine!

There’s a lot about me that pictures just can’t tell you. Those pretty lips can twist into a smirk, or even a sneer. Foot worship makes me purr...caresses, a good foot massage...but what my feet really love is a chance to wiggle in your drooling mouth. Or maybe I’ll just make you lick my filthy boots. I can be laughing with delight, and suddenly I’m laughing in your face.

I love a squirming bottom under my hand or paddle. Corporal punishment is so much fun! But that’s just the beginning. Did I mention that I’m a certified exercise specialist? If you’ve been yearning for a Mistress who can truly whip you into shape, I can implement a cruel evening ab workout - and you’d better pay attention to your form and alignment! Imagine your squat routine seasoned with high-intensity verbal humiliation - I may be just the Domme for you! I take real pleasure in verbal discipline. And speaking of discipline, I am, among other things, a scholar and a sex educator. Foucault fetishists are more than welcome to session with me. I can show you what Discipline and Punish really mean!

Now that you’re thinking I’m scary, how about another surprise: because of my sex-ed background, I take pleasure in helping you explore yourself; the Playhouse is the perfect, non-judgmental environment for sensual play. Strap-on and prostate play are other avenues down which I venture. I love watching my silicone cock disappear into your mouth and other orifices.

Now that you’ve had a taste of what I enjoy (have you been taking notes?), let me tell you about my limits. I do not do submissive play or breast worship. Do not bother asking me to submit to you. However, I love playing with the other ladies of the house and will submit to specific ladies of the house on occasion. Just ask which other ladies I am interested in sessioning with! I am also not interested in breast worship or heavy body worship– I love denying you more than anything. Scat play is also not my thing.

Clear communication before, during, and after a scene are a real must for me. If you cannot ask me for what you want, or express your boundaries to me, you are not in for much of a session. If you cannot respect mine, you’re not in for a session at all. I do not tolerate any person who crosses My boundaries. If you’re interested in something that I have not mentioned, please run your ideas by Me. It does not hurt to ask, really. I may laugh at you in a fantasy scene, but I would never laugh at you for a sincere question. I truly believe that the forms of play done at Fantasy Makers are healing arts that can transform your life. Let's see where we can go together!

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Shoe Size: 7 1/2
Usual Schedule
You can reach Betti at: bettirubblebambam@gmail.com
Please check Fantasy Makers Tumblr for short-notice changes and updates.

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