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You can reach Gene at: geneknowing@gmail.com
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If I were to sum myself up for you in one sentence, it would be that I am designed for your sensations. The moments of pain and pleasure that you will receive from me include all the possible dimensions of your Homo Sapien abilities. Your desires are curious to my out-of-this-world psyche, and I would like more subjects to experiment with. My super powers include telepathy, subjective reality, virtual warping, and metapotence.

- A little bit more about myself –

Attractive. I am an athletically built woman with gorgeous tits that end in pink pierced areolas. My eyes change from blue to grey with specks of gold in between with hair that goes from hot purple to green. I’m fair skinned with no tattoos and a nice butt to match. My foot size is a narrow 7 and a half.

Creative. Give me a just a bit of a storyline or a tidbit of information about your fetishes and I will maneuver those details in a delicious hour-long session. Before you know it, time has slipped away too fast! Truly, my best asset is my resourceful mind.

Experienced. I have been doing bodywork for six years and human development practices for ten. I’ve worked with rope for ten years as well but have focused that pursuit in BDSM for a year.

Playful. Don’t expect to get just a serious domme - life is funny and there will be laughter! Seriousness is a part of the game, but overall expect to relax, make mistakes and be accepted for them.

- Here are some ways I can best pleasure you -

For the beginner - I will gently guide you through your fantasy and check in with you on the frequency and intensity of the play. Giving newbies the thrill of working with an attentive domme while developing trust and a safe space is foundational for us.

For the advanced kinkster - Giving you the push, pull, tear and emotional rollercoaster that you desire is a must for Gene. I rely on getting to ravish your sensual and sensational edges. Spanking, whips, ropes, ball breaking, classic role play and innovative role play are a yes. Checking in on the boundaries in a candid, attentive and debaucherous way is always a priority. Keep scrolling for more specific fetishes!

For the Couple - Gene loves the energy that couples bring to a session. From advanced kinksters to first timers, I’m happy to teach you some techniques, get involved in a fantasy with you, and leave you both feeling very hot and bothered.

For the body fluid fetisher - Gene's golden water is some of the best in the galaxy! Come on and let's diaper play with faux poo - I would love to treat you like the big baby you are and eat melted chocolate from your diaper. Gene is looking for subs to worship her faux menstrual blood as well, but have you been a good enough to deserve it?

For the Voyeur - Gene is very satisfied in playing with another woman sensually. It's just so much more fun this way! Her pussy is getting wet just thinking about it.

For the masturbator - Please self masturbate and fondle yourself during sessions! There are condoms for you to wear when genitalia is exposed. Once you have done three or more sessions, Gene is willing to speak with you about touching herself as well.

For the Gender Bender - Sissy boys, come and submit to my powerful presence! I will satisfy your craving to be at the mercy of a strong and capable woman. Bend at the knee, kiss my hand, and do what I say. Call me Mister or Mistress.

For the Role Player - Improv is one of my best strong suits. Give me and yourself a person, place, and a problem. In seconds you'll be transported to an entirely different world. Verbal humiliation quenches a deep, dark need in me.

For the Emotional Thrill Seeker - Pagan and other spiritual role play is encouraged in your fantasy. Or a role play that is more realistic: a future event that will happen or reliving a past experience. Please email your ideas before seeing me - I’d be happy to get extra ready for your scene!

For the Cock and Ball Torture Lover - Gene would love to slowly bring dull and sharp pains all over your gooch, cock and balls. Ice and rope? Humiliation and sensory deprivation? Of course!

For the Sensual Soul and the Cuddler - I am a seductress at heart who is more than willing to give you a strip tease and I always like to bring sensuality into every session. But unfortunately, cuddles are not provided by this powerhouse of a domme.

For the Worshiper - Gene has a narrow foot with a medium arch that is a 7.5 shoe size. Come on and worship them! Breast worship without nipple play is welcomed. I am a c-cup, a perfect handful, mind you.

So, you've reached the end of my page. What are you waiting for? Adventure never engorged on worry, it is always the other way around. Engorge yourself with me, be in my gorgeous presence, and I promise you'll barely be able to stand up from the intoxicating ways of my interstellar domination.

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Shoe Size: 7 1/2
Usual Schedule
You can reach Gene at: geneknowing@gmail.com
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Please check Fantasy Makers Tumblr for short-notice changes and updates.

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