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“None of us really changes over time. We only become more fully what we are.”
Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat

Hola! My name is Rocio Ceren (Row see oh Seh ren). How does that quote make you feel? I want to know. When you come to play with me, I'll ask you.

An important part of me is still a very young child. I've studied child development extensively, because I believe we are most truly ourselves at that age. As we grow up and learn societal stan¬dards, we develop shame. As we grow older, the struggle between who we have been since the beginning and who we're told we should be can push us into unhealthy vices or into therapy to alleviate our feelings of being unacceptable. I want to help you rediscover yourself and realize that it's ok for you to be who you are. I'm excited to enter your secret world and play there, the way little children do, without judgment. I want you to be yourself and be proud of the person you are; even if you can't be that person in every facet of your life.

I stand at a small, powerful 4'11. I love being short! I am a succulent, proud BBW. I wear my hair in a long mohawk. I am a first generation descendant of native Salvadorians. Yes, I am bilingual. I feel very connected to native Indian culture and my style is my everyday dedication to it. I am also gender queer and love all things artistic and weird. I have always considered weird to be a compli¬ment.

I may seem a bit shy at first. I like to study people; a lot of learning is possible through silent observation. Honestly, everyone I meet is a new experience. I am a slut for knowledge, so I must learn all I can. (Random facts, anyone?) But you're likely to end up thinking I am one of the chattiest people you will ever meet. You will always find me smiling, and I live to laugh. I am not the kind of Dominant who can handle a 24/7 D/s relationship. I want someone I can talk and laugh with, then have the dynamic suddenly shift, and be quite the opposite when I play. Can you imagine?

I am a huge geek! My favorite author is Anne McCaffrey. I love Star Trek, mythical creatures, mythology of any culture, Barbarella, Howard the Duck, etc. I have done musical theater for many years, sang in choirs, I attend Ren Faire whenever possible, love crafting, have an unhealthy obses¬sion with South Park and so much more. I say exactly what I think and feel with no exceptions. I am always brutally honest, but never in a cruel way. I want to help you rise to your potential. I despise lying and refuse to be involved with deception.

The two main elements of my kink are pain and human animal roleplay. My living room, with its spanking bench, suspension points, over the door restraints, 2 cages, live animal shipping crate and 2 trunks of toys (one for pet toys/grooming supplies and the other for impact toys/pain implementa¬tion devices) makes that quite apparent. In my private life, I am open about who I am.

I am a sadist. Your pain makes me giggle. The more it hurts, the more noise you make and the more it makes me giggle. I love it!!! I love to make you cry. I love to do the thing you least expect. One of my favorite twists is to use random objects. Any ideas? I said I like animal play; lets mix the two and I will beat you with dog toys!

Human animal roleplay is a lifestyle for me. I live with a group of kinky folks; we fondly call our house the Menagerie. Every room has a different animal theme, outlet covers and light switch plates have animals on them, and people will often come by to play fetch! If you go to local pet play events, the odds are I will be there with one of my pets. I march with the Stampede (SF Bay Area animal roleplay group) and the Leather Marshals at the Pride parade, and with the Creature Caval¬cade at Folsom Street Faire. I enjoy playing with dogs, cats, ponies, pandas, otters, etc. I know a plethora of different species, mythical included! Ask me about a visit to the veterinarian! ;) As you may have noticed, kink is not a fleeting pastime for me. It is ingrained in every part of my life. It is who I am and I embrace it lovingly.

I love bondage with chains, locks and all things metal. Metal makes me tingle all over! Maybe I will order you to have a Mature Metal Jailbird customized for yourself, and I will hold your key. There's something sexy/scary about the cold hitting your flesh. You feel the chill down into your bones. Its amazing!

I love terrifying interrogation scenes. I will kick you with my boots and have you writhing on the ground begging for mercy, worshiping them. But wait! Now they are dirty! You will now be my bootblack and you had best do an excellent job.

Roleplay is always a fun thing. I enjoy it quite a lot. It's even better with makeup and costumes galore! Lets dress up for a ball, join the circus in fabulous costumes, dress scantily for a slutty evening, etc. The possibilities are endless. Have a sci fi/ fantasy roleplay? Yasssssssssss!

My hard limits are: no anal play, diapers, scat, submissive or switch roles, nudity and body worship. (You can worship my feet, though!) I also don't wrestle or masturbate in public, and if you even think about tickling me, how's your health insurance?

I look forward to hearing about all your fetishes and exploring them with you. Lets make beautiful kink together! Call Fantasy Makers now and book an appointment. You can also email me at DommeRocio@gmail.com and find me on Fetlife as MstrssRocioCeren.

I leave you with an absolutely beautiful quote that I found in an unexpected place....

“I don't want to die without any scars.” Chuck Palaniuk, Fight Club

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Usual Schedule
You can reach Rocio at: dommerocio@gmail.com
Please check Fantasy Makers Tumblr for short-notice changes and updates.

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