Photo Credit: Kayleigh Shawn

Photo Credit: Kayleigh Shawn

Photo Credit: Kayleigh Shawn

Meet Skyler
Usual Schedule
You can reach Skyler at: darlingskylerxoxo@gmail.com
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Meet Mistress Skyler. I am in my early 20's: tall, strong, curvy and mysterious, with short curly blonde hair. My figure is athletic and feminine: medium-sized shapely breasts, tiny waist, rounded hips and tight, full behind, ending in a pair of long, long, smooth, toned legs. My big blue eyes, long lashes, pouty lips and fair skin might suggest innocence, but don't be fooled, my hunger for naughtiness should never be underestimated.

I might be the stern teacher, ready and willing to discipline you for your improper behavior; will you be my student? I love nothing more than administering thorough punishment with the help of my desk full of floggers and single tail whips. Maybe you have been bad enough to deserve some electrical "attitude adjustment". I love watching you twitch as I tickle you with the violet wand or the TENS unit I keep handy for deserving boys and girls.

I might be the sweet girl next door with a nasty little obsession of whips and chains that I keep in my closet. Should I teach you a lesson for peeking at me undressing through the drapes? Maybe you want to peep through a secret window while I pleasure myself with my numerous devices.

Maybe I am your secret boyfriend. My stunning strength and handsome features lend perfectly to all types of gender play and reversals. There are few things I like as much as strap-on play.

I know, you want to wrestle! Come get sweaty with me! I have fantastic endurance and plenty of strength. I am also not opposed to being completely overpowered now and again, so we can discuss the wrestling scenario you have in mind. If you want me to put up a realistic fight, I am always thrilled to test my capabilities. I'll show you my muscles and you can test yours. If you lose, you'll be smothered by my muscular thighs and fantastic ass. Are you sure you want to win?

I can be very submissive as well. I LOVE to get tied up, so if you are an experienced bondage artist, come give it a shot. I can take a good spanking and am often in need of some serious chastisement, though I have no interest in giving or receiving humiliation.

I love to play with my fellow Fantasy Makers with one rule I Pick! Ask me who I'd love to play with and you'll get a show of a lifetime!

Would you like to watch one of the fantastic Dominas here discipline me? I have been so bad, it would only be fair. I have a pain tolerance that will make you wince, and I love submitting to strict experienced Dommes. Or perhaps you would rather watch me demonstrate my deviant skills on one of my Fantasy Maker friends and playmates? I love to show off!

I appreciate people who know what they like and are communicative. Not sure if I'm willing to do something? Just ask! There's nothing hotter than talking about what turns us on! I am serious about my boundaries and will be respectful of yours.

I do not do scat play. Everything else is up for discussion.

Because of school, my schedule is going to be limited for a while. I have time for only one play day a month, but if that doesn't work with your schedule, Email me and we'll compromise. I can't wait to play!

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Shoe Size: 7 1/2
Usual Schedule
You can reach Skyler at: darlingskylerxoxo@gmail.com
Please check Fantasy Makers Tumblr for short-notice changes and updates.

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