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You can reach Stella at: yourmistressstella@gmail.com
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Looking back, my forays and fascination with Female Dominance began at an early age. As a young girl, "bossy" was a term that was very commonly ascribed to me, and while it was obviously meant to be chastising, I never really saw it that way. I took great pleasure in seizing control of the situations around me. That pleasure only grew and intensified in the teen and young-adult years to come as my natural curiosities led me to experiment deviantly with personal partners, and finally to expand upon my knowledge and experiences professionally. To date, I have over 5 years of professional play experience.

In presence, I am a woman of incredible strength. I am strong-willed, deeply empathc, and highly intuitive. I believe in the power of femininity and derive strength from the unbreakable connection I've developed to my womanhood. I have a wild sense of humor and an even wilder imagination, both of which serve me well in my Dominance. I strive to make each scene as unique and intimate as possible, and connect best with others who crave the raw intensity of BDSM relationships as a creative release.

In play I am multi-faceted. I can be sadistic and strict, offering nothing for you beyond the sting of my whip and a kick in the ass on the way out. I can be a sensual seductress, using my feminine charms to bind and mesmerize you into complete submission. I can be playful, thoughtful, humorous, even informative teaching and showing you the ways of true Dominance. Which sides of my personality will yours bring out?

Personally, I am a writer. I devour several books weekly and am always looking for new literature to read (bonus points for slaves who bring their favorite literature for me). I play music, take photos, and enjoy cooking. I have a love of wine (pinots, malbecs, and most bottles from the Carneros, Willamette, or Mendoza regions) and tequila. I love the way leathers and latexes feel against my skin, I love the smell of gardenias, and I love reflecting on how many remarkable experiences I am granted through my position as a Dominant.

I look forward to owning you.
Mistress Stella de Sade



It is a well-documented fact that I have a shoe fetish. They are, of course, the most important element to any outfit I wear and my favorite thing to receive as a present. I have countless pairs of heels that I adorn my petite feet with, and delight in making slaves lick them clean. I also have a number of lovingly-worn flats, sandals, sneakers, and combat boots that I'm always tickled to parade around in.


My feet are tiny (size 6), delicate, well-manicured, and I love having them worshiped. My favorite forms of worship range from the light and intimate such as massages, pedicures, licking and kissing to heavier, more intense activities like smothering, trampling, kicking and ball busting. I also enjoy food play involving my feet and toes, such as making you lick frosting from them, or only letting you eat your dinner only after I've stepped all over it.


As an appreciator of words, I'm always enthralled by the many ways words can be strung together to motivate or deflate someone’s ego. I am not a feather-tongued woman, and you can expect a number of creative vulgarities from me. I like to run the gamut of insults and can go a number of different ways with verbal humiliation; I could draw attention to your lackluster manhood, your low IQ, your inability to please me, your unimpressive body or wallet, or I could just point out how little use you could possibly be to me. The world of verbal humiliation is limitless to me.


I am a very sentimental Mistress. I enjoy creating keepsakes from all the special times I share with my submissives. I have several cameras, ranging from polaroid to digital, that I like to employ to document the various ways I use and abuse my slaves. *Identities can absolutely be concealed to accommodate your confidentiality needs.


A staple in my interests, bondage has called to me in so many ways for so many years. I have a special love for rope bondage but will happily utilize most anything available for immobilizing you. Saran wrap. Cuffs. Chains. Duct tape. Ribbons. Shoelaces. Twine. I'm also a big fan of predicament bondage and pushing people to test their physical and mental endurance levels.


That means tying you up, because you'll flail too much otherwise, and tickling you until you beg me to stop – and then tickling you some more because it's incredibly amusing for me and uniquely painful for you.


Pervy schoolboys take note! Mrs. de Sade is the bombshell teacher that you've been daydreaming in class about. Tight pencil skirt, inappropriately unbuttoned blouse, cat-eye glasses... Don't think I don't notice you touching yourself in the back of the classroom!


Do you yearn to be used for my ritualistic desires? I have a dark side to me and like to exercise it through use of slave-male tributes like knife play, candles, unsettling chants, sigil marking, smudging, and bondage. Submit yourself for sacrifice by Enchantress Stella.


One is fabulous, but the more the merrier. Perhaps you've always had a fantasy about being used and abused by a group of powerful women. Or you want to become our total slut and have us run a train on you. Or maybe you seek torture through watching what you'll never be able to enjoy: two beautiful women pleasuring each other. Email me your fantasy ahead of time to find out which of my Mistress friends I play best with.


This probably should be at the top of the list for the enjoyment it brings me, but boy do I love administering a classic, all-out beatdown, restraining you so you don't get any ideas about running off, and just going to town with my fists, feet, whips, floggers, paddles, canes, and anything else I feel like. Call me a sadist, but nothing brings a smile to my face quite like whoopin' a man's ass.


  • Impact play (flogging / paddling / spanking / caning)
  • Bondage
  • Additional & unusual roleplays
  • Sensation play (ice / fingernails / feathers)
  • Face slapping
  • Spit play
  • CBT
  • Cuckolding fantasies
  • Pony/Puppy play
  • Nipple torture
  • Orgasm control
  • Smothering
  • Chastity training (you must provide your own device)
  • Headgames/mindfucks
  • Forced artistic tributes (handwritten letters, poems, paintings, etc.)
  • Public humiliation (in person / through social media)
  • Forced exercise and self-betterment regimens


I expect you to:

  • show up to your appointment on time
  • show up clean
  • be able to clearly communicate your desires and limitations
  • respect my boundaries
  • respect the use of safewords and implement them as needed


For personal reasons, I cannot accommodate smoking scenes, brown showers, blood play, fisting, rape fantasies, race play, sounding, “sissy training” (Which I find degrading to women and instead offer Goddess Training) and diaper play involving feces. Also, I offer golden showers and strap on play only to respectful clients who have proven their devotion to me through multiple sessions.

If your fantasy doesn't fall under anything I've listed above, feel free to email me. I'm always open to new, creative scenes.

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Shoe Size: 6
Usual Schedule
You can reach Stella at: yourmistressstella@gmail.com
Please check Fantasy Makers Tumblr for short-notice changes and updates.

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