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This month I am itching to dress up as one of those tempting creatures that walk among us but you dare not touch a nun. Tell me your sins and let me bask you in holy water before making you come down to your knees and beg for forgiveness...

Hi there, I'm Veronica.

Your all around classic 1950s pinup with a modern twist. I'm the bad girl in the leather jacket cutting class to smoke in the parking lot. I'm your sexy secretary working hard behind the typewriter. The librarian that shushed you when you dropped that book in school. That teacher that always had a ruler in hand and made you stay late. I'm your temptress. Your centerfold. Except under the lace blouses and tight, cinched skirts my body is adorned with beautiful artwork. And I am always, always carrying some tools of pleasure and pain. But shhh, it's our little secret.

I'm a real sweetheart with an extra dash of sass. My hair is raven black and almost always in tight ringlets flowing down my back. My cat winged eyes change color with my mood (and lipstick shade) but usually rest in a shade of deep green. I can almost always be caught with a blood red lip. I keep my 5' 4" body toned but love to accentuate my curves. I love to keep my precious size 8 feet clad in heels of all kinds. I covet and adore vintage in every shape and form. You can often find me wearing tight sweaters and cardigans with a pencil skirt, sheer stockings and pumps in in the daylight, and lace robes, teddies and garters when night falls.

My body is a temple and it needs to be worshiped. I want you to start at my feet, first just with caressing and massage. Let's see if you earn the privilege of going any further, how clean can you lick these boots. Maybe you'll be able to show me what a good job you've done and move your way up my luscious legs.

Corporal punishment. I want to slap your face so hard it burns. Make your ass red from trying out all of my favorite implements and then caress the lines with my delicate hands. Do you need a good swat? Perhaps a flogging? Let me find the punishment to fit.

Humiliation is one of my absolute favorites! I can humiliate you with sassy, playful teasing or make you wish I was joking with the harshness of my tongue. One of my favorites is the in between, a sassy, playful domme that wants to take you to your limit.

Aren't you dying to see me play with one (or two) of my other babely friends at the house? We absolutely love to do everything together from putting on a sexy, seductive show you've always dreamed of to tying you up and giving you the true discipline you need.

Snack denial. Want to bring me your favorite foods? The ones that have you salivating at just the thought? Bring me treats and watch me lock you up in a cage and mercilessly taunt you and tease you. Don't you wish you could have this sweet treat?

Golden showers make me scream with joy. I love to watch your face while you lick up every last drop. I want to see how much you can take. Can you lap up the puddle of golden joy from your chest, or does it need to flow directly into your awaiting mouth? Let's find out.

Tease and denial. Who could ask for more? Would you like to beg me on your hands and knees and be mercilessly denied? I know nothing would please me more.

Dress up should have been at the top of my list. Naughty nurse who needs to take your temp? The school teacher who is going to make you make up those bad grades after class? The latex goddess of your dreams? I find so much pleasure in taking on a role. Let me find an outfit to fit the part.

Puppy play. Be my sweet pet and let me tell you what a bad boy you've been, teach you to be better, and give you treats when you've done a good job. Good boy.

Would you like me to dress you up as my sweet femme, play with your hair, and maybe show you off to the other girls in the house? I have some killer style and absolutely love to play with cosmetics, we can dress you up like the sweet babe you are.

Don't see your fantasy here? Email me and let’s see what we can do. I absolutely love to hear what your body is aching for.

Things I don't do? Scat play is not for me. I am very much a dominant so no sub play as well. Heavy breast worship is not my thing (Although you can admire from afar).

All genders, races, and sexual identities are welcomed and encouraged in my fantasy. My image on my page changes often as I love to dress up in wigs and play costumes, you will just have to come see me in real life...

Come play. Let me make your fantasy come true.

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Shoe Size: 8
Usual Schedule
You can reach Veronica at: MissVeronicaRose@yahoo.com
Please check Fantasy Makers Tumblr for short-notice changes and updates.

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