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Posted: 2016

Hi Lorrett,

Although brief, very nice to see you last night.
I was fortunate enough to be able to visit FM twice in the past week. (I guess I just cou not get enough!)

Both Syre Blake and lovely Zandra were both so superb. They embraced my fantasies, both in their own unique ways.

And Atheris, what a gracious host. She made time to make small talk with me before my session. I am now so at ease when I visit.

Again, thank you for what you are doing at FM. Your place is very special.

I wish All the Best to You and to All the Fantasymakers.


Posted: 2016

Here's a reminiscence about Phoenix from an old admirer...

Wow! What a blast from the past! I saw Phoenix at Fantasy Makers in January 2000 on a drive home from the Seattle area to the Washington DC area where I live. I'd been dabbling in spanking for a few years and the basic concept behind Fantasy makers really appealed to me. While I'd had several spankings before my visit to FM, Phoenix was the first one who put all the pieces together and indeed fulfilled my fantasies of the time.

I doubt I'll have an opportunity to see her in the near future, but one never knows.

-- One of Many Mikes

Posted: 2016

Since I am filled with truth serum, I must tell the truth, Yes I will fess up and honestly express my very positive energy and state that Lina was extremely captivating. She maintained in character thruout the entire session. Her focus on me and the scene was great.I could sense she has had a lot of drama courses. I truly give her high marks specially for our first encounter. She rolled right into it and never departed until the last moment. She is definatley a keeper for a long time. Again, that is my honest assistment. We will cross paths again and again. -blb

Posted: 2016

Just had an intense tickle session with Zandra - she got me good . I'm sure a few people in the house heard me laughing and begging for mercy.

She said she never did a tickle session before. Hard to believe, considering how good she was!

Zandra's a very sweet, beautiful, fun lady. Definitely going to have to session with her again!


Posted: 2016

Hi Lorrett,

I wanted to let you know I came by the other day to spend some time with Roxanne. Her description of a lost boy who was looking for his mother really struck a chord in me. She was lively, fun, and full of energy, which was very refreshing.

I never heard back from Elle, but I hope she is doing well. I look forward to finding the time to come back soon. You have a wonderful establishment!


Posted: 2016

This isn't a review, and it isn't about us, but it says a lot about why I'm here, and why a lot of Fantasy Makers like it here. It comes from a gay friend who's spent some time around the Playhouse, trading stories about the way people discover it's ok to be who they are. It made me feel so good I'm slipping it in.

Hello Lorrett,
Here's a nice story about a long-time guy of mine. If I was a woman 30 yrs younger than I am now- I have no doubt that I would happily choose your.. avocation - or some variant. I could have soooo loved doing scenes with men - and other women. Meanwhile - I can still grandly appreciate the fact that I've helped two people find greater pleasure.
You know me well enough to know that along with my "job jobs" I have my passion of helping men transcend gender boundaries. About the last one here--
I've been seeing a man for.. 3 or so years. Not often - but still. He truly enjoys role-playing what he believes are the essences of femininity, he's been a great voice-student, and he's become delightful in other ways. Thing IS, I don't see a smidge of emotional gay-ness in him - he's a man who has different.. needs. Which of course is just fine -- but it's been a struggle for him to reconcile what we do - and what society says is OK. (but that's a whole other topic)
Last night he shared a conversation he had with his wife (of maybe 15 years). She recently told him he's become a more passionate-and-yet-gentler lover - so much so, it seems, that she's kinda bragged about him to her girfriends.
I certainly didn't *change* that man - but knowing that I probably had a hand in him letting express - and find pleasure in - things integral to who he is -- AND that it's made him a better lover ----------. Honestly - hearing that was one of the nicest moments I've had in a lot of years. A lot.

Now - back to a job-job
Fondly - j

Posted: 2016

Hi Lorrett,
I visited FM yesterday and once again, I have to compliment you and your Fantasy Makers for taking such good care of me. Donna was simply superb. She exceeded all my fantasy expectations!
Naomi and Blake also cameoed during the session at different times. They both added a lot of spice and excitement, making my total experience as perfect as it could be.
If you could, please pass on my compliments on to Blake. I could not find an email address for her on the FM website.
So again, thank you for what you and all the Fantasy Makers do. I wish I lived closer, had more money and that life would allow me to visit more regularly. But I am happy to come when I can knowing that I will be so welcomed and so well served.

Yours truly,
R. O.

Posted: 2015


Happy Holidays to you and all staff @ FM!
I have been going to your fine establishment since 2009 and no matter who I have seen, I have never been disappointed!
Everybody has been so kind, respectful, understanding and passionate about their "job"!
(and where do you find all these amazing people!)
You have also done an exceptional job with the website etc., in what is obviously a "labor of love"
Thank you for providing a safe place for realizing an old geezers fantasies!


Posted: 2015

This was sent by a retiring Fantasy Maker in response to an e-mail inquiry. She said I could share it.

I'm not doing sessions anymore, as I have no more time. My life requires a more stable economy, and my personal life had taken a bit of a back seat to session work. That's all been worked out. I am still very much indebted to the Fantasy Makers. What a fantastic place to meet and make life long connections!

I have met some really wonderful people, loving, respectful, wise, and generous. I fell in love a little bit with everyone I've enjoyed playing with. I have learned that all bodies are beautiful, especially the non -normative bodies that hold beautiful souls. This is a sacred place and space, for healing and innocent adult play. Being a Fantasy Maker was life-changing, and I cannot thank you enough for being part of that experience. I feel that I've taken quantum leaps since joining this wonderful place.

Many blessings to you!


Posted: 2015

Sent by snail mail last month -- I got permission to share the sense of it, minus intimate personal details, even if he can't spell my name... -Lorrett

Dear Lorette,
I want to thank you so much for what you and (your friends) are offering to the world -- for what you are giving to me. I've had hundreds of hours of therapy since I was 20 yrs. old, and here I was (over 60) and nothing truly changed. (I felt like my feelings were) frozen -- even dead -- like a snuffed-out candle. That hurt.

Remember when I ran into you a week ago? Could you see the glow? (The feelings I have kept locked up) have come to life, and I really feel like a new person. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined when I first walked into your house, that such a gift was inside there.

(My finances are limited, but) I have juggled them because my having a meaningful life depends on my having what you are offering. I wish you abundant blessings.

(He expressed special appreciation to Elle, Skyler and Evadne)

Posted: 2015

Dear Lorrett, Atheris and Fantasymakers,
First of all, I want to say what great time I had visiting Ms. Donna last Wednesday. She was perfect for my fantasy. Kind, sensitive and truly professional. (And I told her so.)

My experience was exceptional, from the warm welcome that Atheris gave me upon my heart pounding arrival, to Ms. Donna's warm embrace as I left.

I also had communicated with Skylar, Elle and Kiva before I finally scheduled my session. They all were very kind to respond to my inquiries and I hope to visit them in the future as my time and budget permit.

So, thank you, for everything. And please feel free to forward them my compliments and thanks if appropriate. (I emailed them to let them know that I had scheduled with Donna this go round and that I appreciated that they had replied to me.)

I had been to FM a number of years ago and also had a wonderful and welcoming experience with Ms Ava. It was so good to see that nothing has really changed in that department.

Posted: 2015

Just had an incredible 2 hour tickling session with Kiva and Davitta today, from 1 to 3 pm.

WOW. Being tickled by one of those lovely ladies is already intense, but BOTH of them is even more fun...especially when both know my most ticklish areas.

And a few weeks ago, I had another session with Fantasy Makers graduate Jezebel. It was my second session with her, and even more amazing than before.

Just thinking about both sessions, I can't even find the best words to describe them. Whether at the house, or independent, Fantasy Makers women are so much fun!


Posted: 2015

I've been visiting this wonderful "Refuge from reality" for a while. I very much enjoy the sensitivity, respect, understanding, and willingness to explore the the staff here exhibits.

I've visited several Fantasy houses in many areas, and find Fantasy Makers not only the best, but the most accessible on all levels!!

I was a little nervous the first time, ( My first visit to any Fantasy facility) and was treated warmly, and made to feel welcome. I was never rushed, hustled, or "Lead" into something I didn't want. All of my questions were answered with a smile and explanation.

In the welcome room, from a comfy chair, I described my fantasy, talked about it a bit, was shown some props, and decided to proceed. My privacy was casually guarded, my time was respected, and afterwards, I was told that she had a great time playing with me and enjoyed our session. I got, hugged, and invited back.

I even asked if I could leave a tip. I was told that while its not required, it is very much appreciated.

What a way to relax and get some "Me" time.

Far less hassle than any kind of "Therapy session" and far more effective to get the same kind of good, accomplished, satisfied, and rewarding feeling you get with a counselor -- Without that sense of "Glad thats over".

I leave every time feeling ready to take on the world, looking forward to dealing with my friends and family with a wry smile that makes them all happy to see me.

I've been back many times and always enjoy my sessions at Fantasy Makers. Thank you Lorret and your staff. 'A'

Posted: 2015

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