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Photo Credit: Photobound

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Meet Davitta
Usual Schedule
You can reach Davitta at: DominaDavittaDolce@yahoo.com
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Why hello there, and welcome to my world. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in my presence, I assure you, your outside world will melt away. Intoxicating, enchanting, captivating, just a few of the words one could use to describe a Goddess like myself. I am statuesque, with long golden blonde hair. My eyes are a swirl of deep greens with gold scatterings. Exotic artwork and jewelry adorn my soft ivory skin. Covering my skin are the most tasteful fashion. I have a deep love of vintage attire from the forties and fifties! That adoration manifests itself for me with my extensive collection of stockings, corselets, garter belts, waist clinchers, gloves, hats, shoes, slips, and dresses! Really, one could say I emulate a classic pin-up, with a modern twist of course!

I am particular with what I wear, in the same way I am detail oriented to so many other aspects of my daily interactions. Regular exercise and consuming only the best fresh foods keep me glowing. After all, the devil is in the details!

Now as far as my interests and things I cater to; here are some, But by no means all of what I enjoy…...

Foot fetishists! I am quite vain when it comes to my feet. They are an elegant size ten, with high curved arches. I absolutely adore having them worshipped! My lovely toes are almost always a perfect shade of crimson red. Perhaps if you're a good pet I'll allow you to paint them for me someday.Remember that collection of stockings and garter belts I mentioned? Well, I can happily display my feet in front of you encased in nylon, or perhaps wearing one of my many pairs of stilettos or boots.

Humiliation; would you like me to be extreme, cruel, and mercilessly degrading? Or perhaps a bit more playful as I taunt and tease you. I especially enjoy small penis humiliation!

Corporal Punishment; Do you enjoy a hard thud? Or perhaps more of a sharp sting?! I have a vast array of implements that I am well versed in. This of course allows me to deliver soft sensations, or devastating blows in all the right areas.

Role Play; from probing nurse and patient to Overbearing boss and employee, the more creative the better. I especially enjoy disciniplarian types of scenes.

Sensory play, trampling, nipple torture, cock and ball torture, face slapping, spitting, forced consumption, smothering, tease and denial, cuckholding, orgasm ruination, electricity play, watersports, tease and denial, consensual non consent (a personal favorite), sounding, tickling, forced sissification, and of course wrestling! Of course if you have something in mind that I haven't mentioned feel free to contact me, after all if I listed everything I enjoy in detail this would be at least four times as long!

If you are interested in booking with me, you can call the house, or send an email introducing yourself and let me know your interests. I am quite busy at times and may take longer than a day or two to respond. Patience darlings, I'm well worth it. I do not discriminate based on age, gender, or race. Remember, that although a charismatic woman like myself can seem quite intimidating, I urge you not to be shy. After all, how many times have you wondered about an un-conforming beauty like myself? Let yourself call into my clutches, I will turn your world upside down.

Please note that while I do enjoy playing quite nasty at time, I am always respectful of limits and boundaries. Trust and proper communication allow us to make the most of our time together. I look forward to meeting you.

Miss Davitta Dolce

***Take care of your Mistress, as she takes care of you! Implements, toys, or gift card to places such as Dollhouse Bettie, Footworship, Dark Garden corsetry, Agent Provocateur, Mr.S, What Katie did, or even just some dark chocolates and flowers are greatly appreciated!**

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Shoe Size: 10
Usual Schedule
You can reach Davitta at: DominaDavittaDolce@yahoo.com
Please check Fantasy Makers Tumblr for short-notice changes and updates.

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