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We update our web page only once every month. To get an e-mail when we post the update, announce visits by former Fantasy Makers who moved away, or post other last-minute announcements, join FMChatter, our Yahoo e-group. First, sign up for Yahoo groups HERE, then join our group. The only“real” information you have to give them is an e-mail address to send your updates. If you want an anonymous online e-mail address, Mail.com is a good bet, and their basic service is free.

In between updates, keep an eye on our social media connections. You can follow Fantasymakerssf on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram, where Ladies post new pictures, announce schedule changes and surprise visits, and talk about whatever’s on their minds. Ladies who fill in “rotating” shifts on short notice often announce them on Tumblr. New Ladies post sneak previews there before they pop up on the website! You can also join our FetLife group, “Fantasy Makers and Friends”. If you don’t already know, FetLife.com is the social go-to site for anyone with fetish or fantasy interests. It’s a good place to explore your kink: join some groups and get into some discussions. Go see for yourself, and happy browsing.


What’s your fantasy? If it’s safe and legal, we do it. We do all kinds of roleplay and dressing up games: medical, schoolroom, police/military interrogation, kids dressing up in Mom's clothes, spy gets caught in secret clubhouse (remember that?), you name it, the more creative the better. We wrestle, we cuddle and tease, we put on sexy shows by ones and twos and more (sometimes for photo/video), we turn boys into girls and girls into boys, grownups into babies, and dull days into very exciting ones.

For more about what we do, you might enjoy:


Every day, new articles and stories are added to SM-201.org – the Wiki of kink. Whether you’re into BDSM, or have some other fetish, or get all wistful thinking about magazines and pinup girls and burlesque queens of the ‘50's, there’s lots of goodies there for you. If you're exploring and need a term defined, check the Micropedia. If you'd like to do some reading about your kink, do a search on "reading list" and you'll find some of the best books available, many of them with convenient links to Amazon.


First, there's a big difference between "hurt" and "damage" – we want to protect your health and safety – and our own. Second, we don’t do anything specifically against the law. We don't offer any kind of direct sexual contact with you, for instance. You can masturbate, and we can masturbate, but you can't do each other. If that’s a problem for you, consider bringing your favorite sexual playmate and doing a session as a couple. You can have all the sex you want with each other, while we play our parts the scene, teach you new skills, and show you a world of possibilities!


We're in the El Cerrito area, five miles north of Berkeley, across the bay from San Francisco. We're a block from Highway 80, and a short distance from BART. We give our actual address only to people who have appointments, to keep the house discreet and private – we're sure you'll appreciate that when you're here.


The Fantasy Makers are all beautiful ladies (and a few fine gentlemen) who like to play kinky games in our private lives. We know some GREAT photographers, so we can give you sneak previews of what we look like. If someone's new and doesn't have photos, or can't be that "public" for personal reasons, she’ll have a drawing that shows her special look and style.

But we’re a lot more than pretty faces – what makes the Fantasy Makers special is our distinctive way of thinking and playing. If you want to know what that lady's really like, read the profile on her page! Also, some of the ladies have an "Images and Offerings" page, for stories about memorable sessions, personal fantasies, drawings, photos, cartoons, and who knows what else??? Sometimes we have contests, so our friends (yes, that’s you...) can see your creations in print, and win some playtime or other prizes.


Professional sessions turn our kinky pastimes into a fun "part-time job". We’ve made ourselves a playhouse in a private home and we do just that – as a group. We share space to save money for rent and phones and equipment; we all put in our time and talents to get things done. We earn money for our time, but we're more of a family than a "company", and we like it that way!


If you don’t have a lot of money, remember, everyone has something real to give. Some of you are already doing this: helping a fantasy Goddess fix a real-life car, giving her a gift certificate to buy textbooks, asking her what she needs and helping make it happen. Some of you help us paint and plumb and fix stuff that breaks. Some of you bring us things we need. Our heroes helped us put a second story on this house!

Do you want to see your favorite Lady light up when she sees you?? Get to know her; help her with something she wants and needs. Instead of sweets and flowers, give her a gift card for one of her favorite stores. Are you the romantic type? She’ll think of you and smile as she shops for that teddy or Florentine flogger. Are you more practical? Think groceries, a new jacket or boots, ask her where she likes to shop and surprise her. Does she drive? Try a contribution to her next oil change – or new tires. Or maybe a certificate for Good Vibrations, or even Home Depot -- she might surprise you with something new for your next session!! Be creative -- maybe something you do in “real life” could help make her wishes come true. Don’t be afraid to offer – even if she says no, she’ll know you care. The same goes for the Playhouse. It costs money to keep the house clean, repaired, supplied with things we need. Some of you have sent me ideas about how the house could be improved. You’re right, but suggestions don’t change anything unless backed by the money, or the skills, or the muscle, to make it happen. Ask your Fantasy Maker – or me – how you can help. This is the house that friends built. They’re still doing it; friends keep it alive.


The Fantasy Makers are (at least) the equals of independent Mistresses who charge twice as much. We take time to get to know you. We plan and prepare your scene through e-mail, phone and in-person scene setting. After the scene, we talk about how it could be better. We do that because we like our kink as much as you do.

We know from experience that kink is more than entertainment. We know it can be stress reduction, or a way to learn communication and trust, or to explore desires/shames/fears that are otherwise kept painfully secret. That makes it as much healing as amusement, and it's not fair to call being OK a "luxury".

We’re mostly underpaid ourselves (students, artists, performers, caregivers, workers in nonprofits and social-service organizations), so we understand tight budgets. We spread the costs of the Playhouse and everything we need among the group, to make sure you don’t have to be rich to play here. Our donations are based mostly on session time and how many of us you see, with a little extra for things like photo/video/audiotaping, “souvenirs”, wrestling, certain special costuming and/or equipment, and anything that needs extra preparation, extra cleanup or safety precautions.

To make sure everyone who has a good attitude and needs what we provide can play here, we keep the basic half-hour and hour sessions as affordable as we can, but it still costs money to be here for you. Anyone who wants a longer session presumably can afford more than the baseline; some people do consider their scenes a luxury. Asking them to pay a bit more makes things fair for everyone; we’re happy when people who can afford it are generous.

For a few people, money is still a problem. If you’re one of them, please don’t just give up – talk to your favorite Fantasy Maker! If you have skills we need, maybe you can help in nonfinancial ways. But please, if you’re going to offer help, make sure it’s real, practical help. We don’t need to be petted, worshiped and adored in real life – that’s session play! :-) For more about being one of our heroes, please scroll down a bit.


Because we're not a business, we can't take plastic. That's sometimes inconvenient, but we think we gain more by NOT becoming a business. We also prefer not to accept checks, other than Travelers' Checks.


Call us! There are a lot of us and schedules change constantly, so we take same-day appointments by phone (to make sure we know who’s available) on a first come, first served basis. The appointment calendar is right next to the phones, so your appointment can be written down right away. We start answering phones at 10 AM every day but Sunday and very major holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve/Day. We take our last appointments starting at 8 PM. If you need our phone number, call 411 – we’re listed in Berkeley and El Cerrito directory assistance.

When you call, we'll give you some basic information about us. We’ll start by asking what you'd like to do. Even if you're not sure, give the person you're talking to (usually Lorrett or Lucille) an idea of what turns you on. That’s more important than WHO attracts you, because we all enjoy different things. Sometimes your "special thing" didn’t get mentioned in somebody’s profile, but we know her, so we can tell you she’d be perfect for you. Also, it helps us tell you about new or visiting ladies.

If you’re traveling, or planning ahead, you have time to do some homework. The pictures on our home page are links to the ladies’ individual pages. You’ll find a short profile, more pictures, links to blogs and web pages, – and an e-mail address. The best way to plan is to exchange e mail with the lady (or ladies), discuss your wants and needs, and agree on a day and time. Don’t expect the ladies to answer “right away”, but most check their mail boxes every day or two. The lady may plan to wear a special outfit or bring a special toy, or even reserve your appointment time in advance, though you should still call the Playhouse on the morning of your appointment to confirm - we want to be able to warn you if she has the flu, or a flat tire.

FM "Graduates" – ladies who have left us – sometimes keep a limited schedule at the Playhouse, or pick up a shift when they’re on vacation in town. . Other ladies no longer have time for a regular schedule, but can be here occasionally. If you’re a FMChatter member, you’ll know when they’re here, and can call the Playhouse.


We love women and couples (of any gender), that want to interact with each other in a scene. It makes the play hot! In fact, if you're a couple, the donation is the same as for a single person. We must, when you make your appointment, speak to both of you to make sure you're both ok with it.


We're all over 18, of course. Some of us are in our 20's, some in our 30's, a few in our 40's. It also depends on when you call; there are different ladies here different days/times.


You certainly can! We have Gift Cards for a half-hour (silver card) or an hour (Gold Card) session. The card comes with an attractive flyer full of suggestions for an enjoyable fantasy scene. And since a couples’ donation is the same as for one person, you can both play! For more information, e-mail me: FMCreative@fantasymakers.com.


A MEDICAL ROOM? Yes. It’s gorgeous.

ENEMAS? Yes, but specialized medical equipment is too personal to be shared, for health reasons, so we ask that you have your own. Many of the ladies would be happy to use them...


WARDROBE FOR CROSSDRESSERS? We have a 10 foot closet crammed with wardrobe, wigs, makeup, shoes in a wide variety of sizes. Larger sizes (over size 16) sometimes mean fewer choices, though. We welcome people who bring (discreetly) their own favorite wardrobe items...

GOLDEN SHOWERS? Yes. They're very popular, but be sure and ASK for this when you make your appointment, so the lady has time to "drink up". We even have procedures for extra ladies joining in, for a small gratuity!


SHOWER FACILITIES? Yes. Not to mention a HUGE bathtub...

Oh my, lots. A St. Andrews' Cross, assorted bondage tables/chairs, a suspension bar, several cages, spreader bars, cuffs, hoods, a body bag, a couple of straitjackets, lots and lots of rope, some rubber bondage materials, saran wrap, almost anything you can think of!

So long as it doesn't involve sexual contact, the answer is yes. But different women have different feelings about this, so be sure you mention things that are important to you, so we can match you up with the right lady.


If you (or your partner) are too private to attend any of the excellent classes offered around the Bay Area, we can help! The Fantasy Makers have a lot of experience with coaching novices, and we can do it just as easily for "just you" (or both of you) as for a roomful of people, so consider an individual training session or two here at the Playhouse. You can learn all you need to make your personal scenes work better, and "play test" unfamiliar toys or techniques. You'll go home with fresh confidence and some naughty ideas for your playbook. To arrange your private instruction session, just call the Playhouse.


If you’ve visited the Playhouse, you’ve probably spent a little time in the Welcome Room, enjoying the suspense before being whisked off by the avatar of your fantasy. Or maybe reading one of the magazines we keep around for hospitality...

But a magazine stash needs to be freshened-up regularly, so we do two things. If there’s a magazine you’d like to take home, and we’ve had it for a while, we’ll let you (but please ask first – a few have sentimental value). If you’d like to donate some magazines you’re tired of, we’ll thank you – subject to space on our shelves. If either or both of these things apply to you, please say so.

Could YOU be a Fantasy Maker?

Is this you?
You're kinky and open minded. You enjoy the company of other kinky people. You get along with men, with women, and with yourself. You already have a job or some kind of income that keeps you living indoors. You wish you had more of an outlet for your secret fantasies. You have an active imagination and aren't too shy.

Guess what? If you answered yes, you may be one of us and just don't know it yet.

Here's how it works:
We're a group of (mostly)women who have personal fetish and fantasy interests. Our Playhouse is a private home about 5 miles north of Berkeley. We offer only safe and legal play, no sexual contact with clients.

We're not a "dungeon", though we do a fair amount of BDSM play. We also model, wrestle, tickle, put on masturbation shows, and do anything else that won't harm anyone and doesn't violate local laws.

Our primary rule is that everyone -- callers, clients, each other, the house, the neighbors -- is to be treated with respect and consideration. If they're not our kind of people, we politely ask them to go away.

We have a limited number of rooms. To be fair to the Fantasy Makers and our clients, we don't rent space out to independent ladies.

We don't "hire" or "employ" people. We do invite people to join us, if they're compatible. If you're interested, we invite you over for a tour and a visit, so you can see if it's a good match. If you want to join, you get some stuff to study, and when you're familiar with it, you come back for an orientation and a cleaning and safety class.

Fantasy Makers are encouraged to think of their work here as a supplement to a real-world job. It's fun, but the money is inconsistent and not reliable enough to try to live on.

If you still have questions, or are thinking about it, please call, or drop a note to FMCreative@fantasymakers.com.

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