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You can reach Heidi at: heidiplays510@gmail.com
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Hi there! I am a sweet, down to earth, and very enthusiastic lady in my 30s, with big blue eyes and I blush easily as well as often. You will find a big grin on my face even when you are giving me a proper spanking. I am delicate and petite on the top, big and bouncy on the bottom, without tattoos, and only my ears are pierced.

I think of being a submissive as a kind of contact improv. You tell me what your fantasy pretext is and I play off of it. Describe how you'd like me to dress up for you, toys and accoutrements you like to try out on me, and then I go on a treasure hunt! Perhaps everything is in order when you arrive? You will find me quivering with anticipation and eager to please. I might need to be punished. You might want to tie me up. You might want to put a collar on me and train me. I want you to spank me! I absolutely love bare hand spankings, belts, canes and wooden spatulas. Just writing about these things makes me all wet and wriggly. Let’s see what you can do in person!

Perhaps you are one of my husband’s work friends? He has been bragging shamelessly about the kinky things he likes to do to me and you want a turn. One day, you call in sick to work and wait until he is gone so you can kidnap me in my own house. When I meet you at the door you say you’ve come over to ask my opinion on a gift idea for my husband’s upcoming 5 year anniversary. I invite you in for coffee and then you order me to strip and collar me. At first I resist, or play dumb, or am surprisingly complacent. Then you command me to show you where we keep the nipple clamps, floggers and other toys. (I love the idea of you finding the marks my husband left on me this morning to inspire me to be a “good wife” before he went off to work.... and being really excited to add to them.)

Did I mention that I love nipple clamps?!

My favorite clients are playful, respectful, imaginative and appreciative while they explore my pain thresholds. Together we can waltz between the lines of pain and pleasure. You like to direct the show, yet are open to suggestions of elaborations I'm often inspired to make. Perhaps we can bring in one of the many fabulous Fantasy Makers to help tie me up and punish me more for a delicious double?

I like to play with a wide variety of people. New to kink? Let’s explore new things together. Been doing this for decades? Show me what you have learned through your years of experience. As long as you have a good attitude, I’m going to think you are beautiful and worthy of my service no matter what you look like.

I like to get to know my clients and their fantasies a bit over email before we meet in person, so please email me! Although, be patient because I am a busy lady and sometimes it can take a little time before I can respond.

Spoil me! Please bring me presents of things you'd like me to model for you and new toys to play with. I’m 5'3'', 34A , size large (7) panties with 8.5 to 9 shoe size. If I’ve made your day, I gratefully accept tips.

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Shoe Size: 8 1/2 to 9
Usual Schedule
You can reach Heidi at: heidiplays510@gmail.com
Please check Fantasy Makers Tumblr for short-notice changes and updates.

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