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You can reach Scarlet at: domina.scarlet.miro@gmail.com
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Hi, I'm Scarlet Miro -- Miss Scarlet to you. I'm a fresh li'l domme in my early 20's. I have brown hair, brown eyes, a tiny 5'3" body with delicate feminine curves. I look innocent. I'm not.I have a knack for creating raw and wondrous scenarios for somebody like you, if you're submissive or masochistic enough. Enter into a world where a petite, doe-eyed darling takes a bite out of your reality, leaving you feeling like your feet are barely touching the ground. I'd like you to relax and let your everyday life melt away while I deprive you of your senses, administer devilish spankings, unleash your inner child and let your deepest desires rise to the surface.

I am sadistic as well as compassionate & nurturing. If what you crave is a cold bitch, I have a sharp tongue that cuts deep: I have no problem telling you what you don't (or do) want to hear. I'd like to tie you up, blindfold you, taunt you with my presence, surprise you, and keep you out on a limb, psychologically and physically, until you succumb to my will. I will step on your face. I am your wildest fantasy incarnate. I adore roleplay, power play, torture, humiliation, corporal punishment, to name a few. The possibilities are endless. I am open to suggestions. I like both the intellectual and the bizarre. I like respectful men and women who are seeking an experience that is surreal and sensual.I'm a good old fashioned open minded dirty girl. I'll get messy, real messy, with food (food fight anyone?) and a golden shower every now and then. I’m an outright exhibitionist. It tickles me to see you squirm while I play with my toys – or one of my friends, and you’re just barely out of reach. Speaking of tickling, did I mention that I’m terribly, terribly ticklish? Be careful, though, because I’m stronger than I look and it might turn into a wrestling match. Loser gets a spanking? Maybe the winner gets a spanking?

I draw the line at doodoo. Sorry, scat fans, I love you from a distance and am certain there is another wonderful lady who takes delight in chocolate pudding, but it isn't me. As for anal play, I don't think I’m ready to do that either, at least with people I don’t know, but I will gladly wear a strap on, and if you deserve it, teach you to suck it like the slut you want to be. I enjoy having a cock and teaching men to be ladies. I like bitch boys, puppies, sissies, slaves, bad girls, catholic guilt, and sexy dolphins. Seriously, did you hear about that scientific researcher who had an erotic power play with the dolphin she was studying? Let me dress you up like a dolphin. Let me study you and then scold you when you interrupt the experiment.Freakiness is my speciality. I love costumes. I love skewing reality and challenging the mainstream. Miro comes from a latin word meaning "mirror". Take a step through the mirror with me and embrace the freak within. Quench your thirst for the unthinkable and enjoy yourself.

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Shoe Size: 6 1/2
Usual Schedule
You can reach Scarlet at: domina.scarlet.miro@gmail.com
Please check Fantasy Makers Tumblr for short-notice changes and updates.

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