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Meet Tatiana
Usual Schedule. special appointments available
You can reach Tatiana at:

Tatiana is a Fantasy Makers Graduate, but she still spends one day a month at the Playhouse. Check her schedule here. To arrange other times with her or to plan your scene in advance, please e-mail her at

Mss. Tatiana is now an independent Mistress, but she's still a Headmistress of the Academy. She'll be at the Playhouse on the last Thursday of every month. To arrange other time with her or do some planning ahead;, please e-mail her:; address is at the bottom of this page.

Check out Tatiana's Images and Offerings page for a brand new story contest!

I am Mistress Tatiana Belodyne, but in session, you can address me as “Ma’am”. I’ve been described as looking like an Eric Stanton drawing: shapely, powerful, with gorgeous legs that stretch for miles from high stiletto heels up to my curvily muscular derrière, a small waist, full perky natural DD breasts, and strong, broad shoulders. Topping it all off, I have short wavy blonde hair, green eyes, and a perfect cupid's bow mouth. I'm a natural blonde, too, and I've got unshaven golden curls under my arms and golden hair dusted lightly over my legs to prove it. The outside is quite a package: 5'8" of elegant, strong, lush yet athletic woman. What is on the inside is even sexier, though: I'm articulate, playful, caring, competent, intelligent, ethical, well educated, and when it comes to fantasy play, I’m both passionate and knowledgeable.

I do sessions as a Dominant, in various forms from strict to nurturing. I can be very demanding; I enjoy intense scenes; I love to inflict pain on a willing recipient, but I am not emotionally cruel. I’m a compassionate sadist. I like to hurt people who enjoy pain, and I like to hurt people who want to undergo pain for the sake of pleasing me; I love to see you writhe and moan but I never, ever want to harm or do damage to my submissives.

I enjoy a variety of roleplay scenes. I’m especially fond of authority figure roles like Mommy or Auntie, (and sometimes even Daddy), Doctor or Nurse, Schoolteacher, Professor, Governess, (Very) Personal Trainer, Equestrienne, Dominant Boss, or Empress of the Known Universe.

All of the roles I play are facets of my personality, so whoever I am being, I'm always real. I love roleplay that invites me to get inside your head, but many of my favorite scenes are played out simply between Ma’am and her submissive...

I love being a woman, but I revel in chances to be alternate genders. I do very, very enthusiastic toy shows, and I LOVE girl/girl play. I’m also a playful and skilled wrestler.

My favorite sessions are with friendly, articulate clients, both those experienced players who know and can express what really makes S/M work for them, and those novices who are willing to let me help them explore.

I play very happily with both men and women, as individuals or as couples. I am always thrilled to see female clients. I love heavy masochists and I love people who make me a gift of their submission.

I am honest, flexible, and clear with both my pre-scene negotiation and my communication in scene, and I ask you to do your best to give me the same.

When it comes to toy shows and girl/girl play, I truly enjoy clients who are willing to sit back and enjoy the show and let me spin my web, rather than directing me. In my opinion, the very best sort of audience is a captive audience, and I love to tie a gentleman up and "force" him, [completely against his will, of course], to watch me play with my impressive toy collection or with another girl!

What don’t I like? Well, primarily, I don't do any kind of sessions as a submissive or as a switch. I don’t enjoy doing anything that feels invasive, so receiving either medical exams or slobbery or grabby body worship is not for me. I don't do heavy verbal humiliation or verbal abuse; I believe that S/M and ritual can open the subconscious, and I have no desire to take advantage of that receptivity to put damaging or negative things into the deep dark recesses of your brain. I never want to send you home feeling worse about yourself than you did before you saw me-—-quite the opposite!

Though I love giving Golden Showers, (I have impressive bladder capacity), I don’t do anything involving scat. I’m a loving and nurturing Mommy, and I’m happy to change wet diapers, but no poopy diapers, please!

I don't like bratty subs or smartass masochists: if you want to fight my dominance, why am I wasting my time with you? I also don't like wrestlers who like to inflict excessive pain: I'm tough, sturdy and stubborn, but Worker's Compensation is unlikely to cover any injury I might incur on the mats with you!

I find clients who want to test my telepathy to be really frustrating—if you refuse to tell me what you want, the chances are that you are not going to get whatever it is! I do cutting and piercing only in my personal life, not in professional sessions.

While I wasn't born with a riding crop in my hand, I soon picked one up, and started hitting any of the boys in the neighborhood who I could convince or trick into letting me. I've been playing professionally for years. I have spent my entire career as a professional Dominatrix here at Fantasy Makers, where I feel loved and respected and appreciated by my coworkers and my clientele. This is truly an amazing place! I was lucky enough to discover both my BDSM and my bisexuality early enough that I never had to struggle to accept either. I believe passionately in the power and significance and value of sexual energy, and my sexuality is very central to who I am. I've been lucky to have some truly wonderful play partners as teachers.

Particular skills? I'm very good at most forms of impact play, and I have probably the hardest palms and strongest arms from which you've ever received a barehanded over-the-knee spanking! I generally don't believe in impact play as punishment, however. Naughty boys don't get rewarded for misbehaving by getting my attention! However, spanking, OTK or otherwise, can provide a wonderful way to practice appropriate behavior and improve your attitude...

And while I do some extraordinary impact play with my bare hands, I can do that much more when I use tools, as well... With a paddle, a wicked, supple cane or a soft, heavy flogger in my hand, I can seduce you, bring you to a tantric state of nirvana, correct your misdeeds, or simply make you suffer gloriously for my pleasure and yours.

I've had a great deal of training over the years in different philosophies and methods of restraint. I can do very formal Japanese bondage, but I enjoy more freeform erotic macramé even more. I enjoy working in almost any medium imaginable, from artistically symmetrical rope or chain to fetishistic or playful restraints of Saran wrap or licorice whips. One of my favorite materials for bondage is the soft yet extraordinarily strong tubular webbing used in search-and-rescue and rock climbing.

I love bondage either as a scene in itself or as a foundation for other play, designed to make you feel vulnerable, to keep you accessible and available to me, to decorate and shape your body, or simply to immobilize you. Whether the bondage securely covers every inch of your body, as in a complete saran wrap mummification and sensory deprivation scene, or is barely more than symbolic—as a thin cord snaking its way around your cock and separating your balls, its faint bite reminding you that your body is mine when you are in my presence—I enjoy restraining my submissives. I’m also skilled in doing suspension bondage.

FantasyMakers also has two sizes of straitjacket and many sorts of leather cuffs. I personally have a significant collection of metal law-enforcement style restraints including shackles, handcuffs, leg irons and body chains. Let me know in advance, and I’m happy to bring them in for our session!

Want to learn how to do bondage on your partner? Both of you can come see me together, and I can teach you how to do it safely and easily! [And if you are a less-experienced Top, female or male, you don't need to worry—I won't make you feel or look foolish in front of your submissive, either!]

I love playing with Fantasy Makers' house Violet Wand, or my personal collection of electrical toys including cattle prods and stun guns. I’m also happy to use your Folsom Box, Erostek or TENS Unit, though I don’t keep my own. Interested in playing with cupping sets or Alpha Wave Trainers? Make your request in advance, and I can bring mine in!

I love medical scenes. Can you envision the strict nurse, her hair severely pinned back, raising an eyebrow at you as she shakes that thermometer down? My scenes run from the seductive tease of a nurse who just wants to raise your blood pressure as she takes it, to the very clinical doctor using technical terminology as she tests your anatomy and your sexual responses, to the sadistic Psych ward nurse who is much crazier than you are—but who would believe anything that you accused her of doing to you?

I love giving enemas, and I use hospital-style disposable single use enema kits. I have experience with specialized/ inflatable enema equipment, as well as with bulb syringes, but if your fetishes run along those lines, you will need to bring your own equipment, as something which is inserted without a condom must be a single-person toy!

I am very, very skillful at nipple torture and cock and ball torture, having taken years to refine my skills.... I also have quite the collection of scary little implements made or perverted for the purpose, from Wartenburg Nerve Pinwheels to Elastrators!

I enjoy more invasive genitorture, as well. I’m skilled in technique, and well-equipped, for any exploration you might seek into urethral play; please e-mail me and we'll discuss it. I do need some advance notice to prepare and bring any desired equipment. I also appreciate a small gratuity towards replacing my personal stock of the specialized supplies that get used up in these sessions.

I’m experienced with and very, very good at anal play. I love the sensations I can create with just the lightest touch of the tip of a single finger. I’m also more than happy to pull on a shoulder-length fisting glove and plumb your depths. Anal fisting isn’t for everybody, but I love surprising people with what they can happily and comfortably take. Many other sorts of sessions can be made more challenging or more entertaining if I tie a butt plug into you first before I ask you to do posture training, foot worship, or the like. We’ve got an assortment of sizes of dildos for strap-on play, though if you want a toy that is too large to use condoms on, it will need to be your own private item!

I love crossdressing scenes and I love to dress boys as girls and girls as boys and do my part to deconstruct gender roles. Do you want to be a sweet young ingénue or a brazenly whorish streetwalker? Were you the contractor caught rifling through my underwear drawer or the new pledge being welcomed at my sorority sisters’ pajama party? Or do you perhaps dream of being the submissive Sissy “wife” to a powerful female executive? The Belodyne Institute may be just the place for your training!

One thing that I won't do is crossdress you with the intent of humiliating you. Crossdressing can be part of humiliation scenes, or vice versa, but as a powerful female, I don’t believe that there is anything inherently degrading about being dressed or treated as a woman! On the other hand, talking dirty to a hungry little slut of any gender who is on her knees to suck my strap-on isn't precisely humiliating, it’s just hot...

I love foot worship and shoe worship. My high arches, pretty toes and graceful ankles clearly deserve to be kissed and massaged—but will you be good enough to earn the privilege of doing so?

When it comes to footwear, I love the classics—traditional stiletto-heeled pumps, patent-leather ankle-strap Mary Janes, and thigh high black leather or patent-leather boots with 5” or 6” heels, although I do admit to a weakness for knee-high front-lace leather boots with 7" platform spike heels, as they make my long legs look just that much longer and more muscular... And if you want to see me in Wesco lineman’s boots or cowboy boots (complete with spurs!), ask me in advance to bring them in from home—I love the excuse to exercise my more obscure fetishes! I’m a perfect size 9 in shoes, so if you have a hankering to give me a particular pair, I welcome your gift.

In my personal life, I wrestled competitively and very successfully in USAW Olympic Freestyle. However, when I wrestle professionally here, I generally prefer a more lighthearted and playful submission style to cutthroat competition. I do enjoy muscle worship a great deal, and can impress you with my holds, lifts, and carries. Clothing: While I do adore playing dress-up, S/M for me most definitely does not stand for "Stand and Model". I love my corsets and girdles, and I feel very at home in my leathers, but you are as likely to see me wearing pearls and an evening gown or a negligée than anything commonly perceived as traditional BDSM fashion. I have a definite fondness for foundation garments and classic, fully-fashioned stockings, gloves and heels.

I also have an extensive equestrian wardrobe, including my hunt seat riding habit and the knee high custom-made black leather riding boots that I slept in, naked, the night that I received them as a gift for my seventeenth birthday... Some fetishes start early!

Enjoy a woman in high-gloss shiny black? Head-to-toe tight leather? Clinical medical white? Jeans and sneakers? Singlet and wrestling shoes? I can do any of that, if you ask me nicely! If you do have particular wardrobe requests, please make them ahead of time so that I can be sure to bring in your favorites. There is also the tried and true method of bringing a gift of whatever it is you would like to see me wear! Dress size 12 is usually appropriate, although I am both more busty and more muscular than average.

Several years ago, I had the honor of taking part in a rigorous two-year training program designed along Old Guard Leather lines that shaped who I am, both as a Top and as a person. The training inspired in me a fondness for scenes that call upon traditional rituals and formal protocol, be the rituals those of Tea Service, Dress Leather, or Foot Servitude!

I am passionately committed to your health and to my own, so I am rigorous about body-fluid safety to prevent the transmission of pathogens. I’m a certified American Red Cross CPR/First Aid instructor. I’m one of the Headmistresses of the FantasyMakers’ Academy, and I teach BDSM and Sexuality classes in various venues around the country. I’ve helped to create and teach the Cleaning and Safety Protocols class that every new FantasyMaker takes. I have a Bachelor of Arts from one of the Seven Sisters. I am a voracious reader and a bit of a bluestocking, though never a bluenose... ;-) I’m a well-established Teaching Assistant for an Anatomy and Physiology course at a local community college, which keeps up to date my knowledge about how the human body is put together and how it works. And the more I know about my canvas, the safer and more effective I can be as a Domme.

So, drop me an email at if you have questions, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

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Shoe Size: 9
Usual Schedule. special appointments available
You can reach Tatiana at:
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