One of Mss. Tatiana's many fans sent her these lovely images from Folsom Street Fair...thank you, Max!

Contest Winner!

Put Back in her Place

by: Will S.

Congratulations, Will S., for winning Tatiana’s contest with this lovely story! Tatiana wants to emphasize that this is purely a fantasy, (though generous philanthropists should note that she wouldn’t mind if the Playhouse were actually to receive a donation like the one in the story!), and that the conflict is strictly in the imagination of the writer, as she and Tanya have nothing but respect for one another. While Tanya is no longer taking sessions at FM, you can contact her at


by: Jay

A new submission from Jay! This one was based on a real situation.

Confessions of Joe the Plumber

by: "Joe" W

Photo: Fear Dorais

Tatiana's Story Contest Winner 2008!

The Doctor is in...Big Trouble

by: Robert

Story Contest Winner!
We have a winner! Congratulations, Robert, for this tale that just begs to be read! Please contact Lorrett, you naughty boy, and you'll get what's coming to you! Our runner-up is a shy couple who haven't been talked into giving us permission to print their story. If you're reading this, pretty-please...? Anyway, you know who you are, so you too will get what you deserve if you just touch base with Lorrett.

Service: Afternoon Tea

by: Jay


by: GM

STORY: Lessons

by: Anonymous

For Daddy Ivan's Pleasure

by: Anonymous

Two Sonnets for Tatiana Belodyne

by: Jay

The Restoration of Gideon Hoder

by: GM

Story: Gladiator

by: Jay

List: When Ma'am Hurts Me

by: Hanuman

Story: Once Upon a Pony

by: Eric

Story: My Personal Paradise

by: Anonymous

Story: Sensations

by: Anonymous

Epistles from an Admirer

by: dale

Story: The Perfect Moment in Time

Story: Gifts

by: Jay

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